sir lowrys pass south africaIt seems that when it comes to the choice of holiday countries, South Africa seems to be one of the top five choices worldwide. It’s not really difficult to understand why, all you have to do is Google the place to understand, or better yet, speak to somebody who has actually been here and experienced South African for what it is themselves.

Some of the best South Africa holidays are the ones that are not “pre-planned”, but rather the kind where you know you’re going to see South Africa in all its glory, and visit several different places while you’re here, but you haven’t actually planned a “holiday’s schedule”. The best holidays always the ones where you actually decide on where you got a go on the spur of the moment, just because you heard its great place. For instance, instead of disappearing off to visit the Cape Wine lands like every other tourist that comes during the summer seasons, you decide to rent a cottage in the heart of the Wine lands themselves, Stellenbosch! Why not have a small part of your holiday right in the middle of the Vineyards themselves, and they go off on a few cheese and wine tasting experiences. Or if you are going to do one or two of the “touristy” things, then definitely do visit Table Mountain. The cable car has been refurbished and upgraded over the past few years, making it a marble in itself.

Table Mountain also happens to be one of the wonders of the world, making it one of the most visited places in Cape Town itself. But don’t let this stop you from visiting. Think different ways of doing it for instance, hiking up Table Mountain as opposed to doing what all the other tourists do which is drive, or maybe pack awesome picnic, and when you get to the top, have lunch with one of the most spectacular views on Earth, before leisurely making your way back down the Mountain. You can also always grown have a midnight picnic on Signal Hill for a romantic, and something rather different activity for a change. Looking out over Cape Town’s night lights, is a breath-taking experience and site. Continue reading

Iadonis system resultst is refreshing to see that more and more men are actually going the metro sexual route. The metro sexual doesn’t make a guy feminine in any way or even remotely close to gay, but it does make him that much more attractive to women. Women care about men who care about themselves, and that goes for things like taking care of their nails, skin and hair as well as dressing nicely. But it’s also nice to see a guy who physically takes care of himself too. It’s also so fresh in to see guys who are opting more for the clean cut, nicely sculpted and chiseled look as opposed to the old adage of the 80s which is massively bulked up bodies that look more like the guys having an anaphylactic shock attack, rather than simply trying to achieve an attractive looking body. If you’re more one of the former than the latter, then maybe, just maybe the Adonis golden ratio reviewer is a good place for you to start if you haven’t already achieved that perfect body.

It’s funny to think that not so long ago even women considered it strange if a man made it attempts to take physically good care of himself by looking after his skin and is hair or by having manicures. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a guy taken good care of himself. In fact, from a woman’s point of view, a diet that has no interest in looking after himself physically, or gives a crap about the way he looks, won’t even be a blip on my radar! Women far more sensitive, and receptive, to a man who takes pride in the way he looks. And that goes for the way his body looks as well. It is all fine and well to have a good haircut, be clean shaven (or maintain a very neatly trimmed beard and moustache) and have neat and clean nails (this includes toes!), and of course dressing neatly and nicely, but what of the body underneath the clean and tidy clothing? Is it all soft jellylike big folds of skin in the back and an overhanging belly? Or is just generally soft all round with no definition? If this is the case, it can be fixed. Women do it all the time, in fact, men expect women to keep the jelly belly and bingo wings under control. Men don’t want to see women with funder thighs with saddlebags and cellulite dimples. Hell no! They expect us to get our butt into the gym and work that crap off. Well, to be perfectly frank, we expect exactly the same thing from you guys. Continue reading

Bodybuilding-Eat-Stop-EatEverywhere you look its tinsel and tiny blinking lights, kids running around yelling with joy and frazzled parents trying to keep it together. Your nerves are more jangled bells than jingle bells and you are trying to figure out how to get through this madness without blowing your mind or pants band. Food is everywhere and everyone is talking turkey, gravy, cranberry sauce and apple pie WITH cream, and you just want it to be mid February already, just so that the nightmare will be over…for a few more months at least.

Relax. Breathe deep and just take a moment. It’s not as bad as all that. Yes it’s the Silly Season, but there is no reason why you can’t have a bit of fun like everyone else. If you can’t have a little fun and enjoy the holidays, you are going to be miserable not just now, but after the holiday is over too. You will have missed out, and for what? A few extra calories? An extra slice of turkey or gammon with a dash of yummy gravy? And why shouldn’t you have it? Just because you are trying to keep slim during the holidays (yes I know it’s an oxymoron. Holidays vs slim doesn’t really go well together, but it can). Stop dieting and try something new. Try eat stop eat as a way of keeping the flab at bay this holiday. Fasting is a great way to be able to control how your body metabolises the food you eat on your non-fasting days.

You probably think I took a few too many sips of the cooking sherry and now I am talking crazy, but think about it. Fasting has been around for so long, people think it’s a new or way of life. Wrong, SO wrong. It’s been around for hundreds of years, since the either the stone or dark ages, I forget, but I’m leaning towards the stone ages. Ok so it’s been around for thousands of years. The point is people have been doing this since the beginning of man and I don’t know about you, but I have never seen a picture or description of a fat caveman.

The principle is simple. Going without food for a short period, while doing intense physical activities like hunting and gathering for the cave man and weight training at the gym for us now. This allows the body to burn up fat stores and any fat you consume when you do eat. Now when I say fast for a short period, I really mean short! Twelve hours is the ideal length of time when you are just starting out and gradually over time, bump up the hours until you can fast for 3 days running. Naturally drinking plenty of water while you fast is vital. Continue reading

acne-treatmentDoes diet play a part in treating your acne, or do you feel that perhaps certain foods seem to make your acne worse? Wouldn’t it be great if you could pinpoint the exact food or foods that caused your acne? There is more and more evidence now that foods that we eat could play a huge part in whether we develop acne or are able to successfully treat it. While there is no real evidence that diet can improve acne, there are scientific studies in which eating a low glycaemic diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables and omega-3 fats has been shown to have beneficial effects on acne. In a small study of acne sufferers, it was found that those who ate a low glycaemic diet had less acne. Eating a diet rich in omega oils is said to have had beneficial effects on inflammation, and since acne is caused by inflammation it stands to reason that it’s definitely worth eating a diet rich in omega -3 fats. There is more and more scrutiny regarding the foods that are responsible for adverse side effects, and it is clear that following natural methods could be the most effective way to treat acne.

Acne no more is a completely natural program that follows the natural concept of treating acne. Of course you cannot completely rely on altering your diet and expect that suddenly you are going to be completely acne free. The elusive search continues for a treatment that stops acne from developing in the first place or that will eradicate your acne completely.

Nonetheless, diet is a good starting point in treating acne because it is certainly something that is well within our control, and less expensive than using proprietary chemical treatments. Your diet is something you can start to look quickly and easily. Alongside diet should also come some form of exercise. Incorporating some form of daily exercise will improve your fitness and wellbeing, and you will start to begin to focus your mind on your body and its needs from within, rather than the acne that is on the outside.

Some people will say that eating dairy products will make your acne worse. Again there is a very little scientific research that supports this theory; possibly this could be because there are some links between the hormones that are present in cow’s milk and how that might affect the human body response. The theory is that the hormone that is present in milk could be responsible for overproducing skin cells within the pores which are responsible for getting clogged up and producing acne. Although at the moment there is no research that supports this hypothesis, it would not be harmful in trying to cut out dairy products, and if it appears that your acne improves then clearly you should have reason to be grateful and not worry too deeply as to why it works. Continue reading

wilderness-horse-ridingThere are many South Africa tours available, but one area that many people find to be the most amazing is the Garden Route. It’s along the south-eastern coast, and it is filled with more wonders than you may have thought were possible. One reason it’s called the Garden Route is because it is almost like a garden of Eden, with a variety of vegetation that is extraordinarily diverse. Tourists preparing for a South Africa holiday should consider visiting to meet all their vacation requirements.

The weather in Wilderness is mild whether it’s winter or summertime. The temperatures rarely get too high or too low, which means you can schedule your visit for any time of the year. More good news is with regard to the accommodations you’ll be able to find in this town. Choose a guest house that is as nice as any fine hotel that can be found in other parts of the world. A variety of rooms are available, and if you check online, you’ll be able to view photographs of them.

You might prefer something with pretty, coral-coloured carpeting, or perhaps you’d be more drawn to floors that are of a smooth wood-tone. The walls can be soft blues or beige, unless you prefer a light, cheery yellow shade. The interior designs vary, but you can be sure that the bed is comfortable, and that there is a cozy armchair for relaxing during the day. You’ll also get a writing desk that makes it easy send notes to your friends about the incredible holiday accommodations you’ve found.

Every room has a patio with a table and chairs, and you’ll be able to enjoy some snacks or your complimentary breakfast out there. Early risers might be playing in the pool below your patio. When you’re ready to freshen up for the day, you and your friend or spouse can take advantage of dual sinks in the lavatory. Soak in a nice bath or stand beneath a refreshing shower, and then choose a wardrobe that will be appropriate for the day’s adventures. There are a number of different activities that might attract you. Continue reading

raspberry-ketone-fitThere are several benefits associated with raspberry ketone. In fact, this popular supplement can help people shed those unwanted pounds. Before taking this supplement, however, you should consult with your primary care physician. Whether via pills or powders, this supplement will produce results if part of a healthy fitness regimen.

This includes proper diet, along with regular exercise. Recent tests have shown that this product speeds up the fat burning process. It also reduces fatty issues, especially in the liver and other vital organs. It also increases certain hormones in the body that can increase fat reduction across the board.

While this item is primarily used to add fragrance to certain products, it also adds flavor to foods as well. This includes soft drinks and ice creams. It is also extensively used in the cosmetics sector. These chemical compounds give raspberries their sweet and enticing aroma.

(for more weight loss tips visit

When extracted, however, they do have multiple purposes for humans. While no official tests have been mandated or chartered, experts believe this supplement does speed up metabolism rates. Individuals, however, simply cannot rely on it alone to lose weight. They need both proper nutrition and exercise to achieve their fitness goals.
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first-kissThere is this technique that claims to be able to get any girl to kiss you within 40 seconds. Sounds like a load of BS, but hey, who am I to judge. Let’s see what this is all about and if it actually works. I mean if it works for a called Josh Pellicer who wrote the book on PUA (pick up artist) techniques that work, then why shouldn’t it work for you? Oh yeah if you want to know who this Josh guy is then I suggest checking out TAO of Badass pdf review because he literally wrote the book on “how to” anything relating to girls and how to acquire one (or 2 or 3, you get the picture).

So let’s jump right in shall we? So according to Josh, the first thing you need to learn or realize that there are two different kinds of guys. There are those who can take one look around a bar or room and spot any woman ready to make out and there are those who are so-so with the opposite sex and cannot.

So at the risk of sounding crazy, you have to be able to walk into a bar and go up to any woman (without knowing the signs to look out for) and the odds are way up in your favor. Yeah I know, just don’t ask. Accept that it will work. You must know how to zero in on a woman already in this make out state because this way you can walk right up to her and be “that guy” that everyone wonders about in awe.

An interesting fact is that women are far more sexual than men, if you can believe that. The problem is that this “make out sessions” rarely happen because most guys are complete spineless wonders and run away like little girls instead of heading into the lion’s den, so to speak. This is why a lot of the time as the night goes on women become increasingly b****y towards men and leaving frustrated and sometimes angry. Continue reading

greencoffeebeanIf men and women truly want to lose weight as fast as they can, they should look to pure green coffee bean extract for help. The extract is a bit of a nutritional marvel, and it provides people with exactly what they need in order to kick-start their metabolism. With regular use of the extract, they will find that their bodies are responding quite admirably.

The supplement has many positive effects on the health of the body. It is even purported to be great with anti-aging. Because no one likes to gain more wrinkles as they go through time, they might think seriously about this product. Any herb that has the ability to make people look younger will surely have a spot in the marketplace for some time to come.

One of the biggest benefits of the product is its ability to make the body’s metabolism run at a much higher rate. When this occurs, fat can be burned off before it ever becomes stored in unsightly places. For men and women who have long had problems losing that stubborn fat on their stomachs, the extract could be the key to success.

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raspberriesThere are several benefits associated with raspberry ketone. In fact, this popular supplement can help people shed those unwanted pounds. Before taking this supplement, however, you should consult with your primary care physician. Whether via pills or powders, this supplement will produce results if part of a healthy fitness regimen.

This includes proper diet, along with regular exercise. Recent tests have shown that this product speeds up the fat burning process. It also reduces fatty issues, especially in the liver and other vital organs. It also increases certain hormones in the body that can increase fat reduction across the board.

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adrenal-glandsMany people are unaware of the root causes for adrenal fatigue and the impact it can have on normal functioning. All bodily systems need to remain balanced in order to ensure that you remain healthy and are able to participate in regular activities or challenges. In cases where the adrenals have been impacted, it will influence the release of hormones into the body and are attributed to a number of causes.

Exposure to chronic stress can prove taxing on physical systems and coupled with the pressures of a fast paced way of living, it can have serious effects. When the body is stressed it will engage in the so called fight or flight response where muscular, nervous and digestive systems are relaxed or begin to function in excess under varying circumstances. This can place considerable strain on function with the result that individuals are overly anxious and tired. Continue reading

Top Rated HCG DropsThe issues that pertain to consumers being obese, and significantly unhealthy as a result, continue to grow in severity and actual number. People that are well beyond their ideal weight are required to deal with a significant number of complications and risks that are only able to be resolved with proper medical attention and with losing the excess fat that has accumulated in their bodies. People attempting to combat this issue should know the benefits of using the HCG diet program as part of their success efforts.

The HCG diet plan is one of the latest breakthroughs in the health and wellness industry as it is based on internal chemistry and genetics. The specific hormones that are targeted in the consumer are capable of burning a significant amount of fat with little to no effort which is often what people need when significantly overweight. This is now considered as one of the leading programs available to consumers. Continue reading